Shaun Puente found guilty of capital murder

During a five week trial, Shaun Puente was found guilty of capital murder for the death of San Antonio Police Officer Robert Deckard by an Atascosa County jury. After the punishment portion of the trial, the jury deadlocked and was unable to reach a verdict to determine if Puente should receive the death penalty or life without the possibility of parole. Once the jury notified the court, Honorable 81st District Judge Donna Rayes declared a mistrial, and sentenced Shaun Puente to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

In Texas, to receive the death penalty, a jury must reach a unanimous verdict. The District Attorney’s Office strongly believed the death penalty was appropriate for the killing of Officer Deckard, and Puente’s extensive, violent, criminal past. The case was prosecuted by 81st District Attorney Audrey Louis, Assistant DA Marc Ledet, and Texas Assistant Attorney General William Turner. Special thanks to Paralegals Jeanette Whitehead, Carly Rakowitz, and Investigators Mike Kelly and Ray Talamantez for assisting in Puente’s prosecution.