Victim Assistance

Our Victim’s Assistance Coordinator (VAC), Katie Quinny, acts as a liaison between the victim and the prosecutor and provides information about how the process works as the case moves through the judicial system.

If you are a victim of a crime you will receive a Victim Impact Statement or a Crime Loss Form. The Victim Impact Statement allows you to give an in depth account of the effects the crime has had on you and your family, emotionally, physically and financially.

If the crime involves property loss or damage, the Crime Loss Form will aid in gathering information on your financial and property loss.

The VAC provides you with the appropriate forms and, at your request, will assist you in completing the forms.

The VAC is committed to helping crime victims by providing information regarding the status of a case, notification of court dates, and answering questions regarding the criminal justice process.

You may contact Katie Quinny by email: katie.etringer@81stda.org