50 Years in prison for sexual assault

“You did this over and over…”

This story is shared from LaSalle County Sheriff’s Facebook Page.

By Marc Robertson
A Cotulla man was sentenced by District Judge Russell Wilson in La Salle County on Thursday, October 18, to serve a maximum of fifty years in prison for the first-degree felony aggravated sexual assault of a young girl.

Prosecuting on behalf of the state of Texas, District Attorney Audrey Louis showed during the sentencing phase of the case Thursday that Daniel Flores, 39, had at least twice molested a family member who was under the age of 14 in July 2016.

Court testimony showed that the child reported the offenses to her father and that a criminal investigation ensued.

Flores had recently successfully completed a probation sentence from a 2009 conviction for the possession of child pornography and was registered as a sex offender living in La Salle County.

“You’re not sorry about this,” the district attorney said while confronting Flores in court Thursday. “You did this over and over. You’re just sorry that you got caught.”

Judge Wilson ordered that two 25-year sentences be served consecutively, pointing out to the convicted felon that the first sentence must be served before the second begins, meaning Flores must spend at least a quarter century behind bars before he may seek a reduction of his prison term.

“My staff and I want to extend our thanks to the La Salle County Sheriff’s Office and to Investigator Homar Olivarez for the in-depth and exhaustive investigation that led to this conviction and sentencing,” DA Louis said Thursday. “Together, we have helped ensure that justice was served for the benefit of the child victim in this case.”